Data Analytics for Government Agencies

Data is full of stories, trends, and insights waiting to be discovered. Comprehensive data analytics helps government agencies have one source of truth to inform policies and regulations for the benefit of society.

Onyx works to provide data-driven solutions to the Federal Government.

The Need for Data Analytics

  • Improved efficiency in public service by eliminating bottlenecks
  • Increasing public trust and faith in government through transparency
  • Improved fraud detection
  • Data-driven decisions 
  • Better and faster decision-making
  • Improved productivity among government and public sector employees
  • Reduced security threats and crimes
  • Eliminating financial waste by identifying uncollected revenue and erroneous payments
  • Reduced operational and infrastructural costs

“We are establishing a new enterprise data analytics capability. Onyx has been instrumental in the identification of the various needs, development of strategies, and has provided outstanding and timely technical implementation of the new responsibilities, [leading to] the success of analytics at the agency.”

Contracting Officer, U.S. Federal Government


There’s a needle in that haystack.

There’s also opportunity. We seamlessly integrate models, analyses, applications, and technologies to give decision makers the key insights and trends they need for sustained growth, efficient performance, and competitive advantage. Whether pinpointing early indications of risk or uncovering new revenue streams, our real-time analysis, statistical methodologies, and decades of experience help organizations best answer the business challenges of tomorrow. What can advanced data applications do for you, the mission, and the bottom line? If you have data, we can find out.

What we can do for You

Our comprehensive data analysis programs include:

Threat Detection
Robust CND-grade security for military and government computer systems.

Fraud and Risk Analytics
Anomaly detection and robust fraud discovery.

Data Science
Industry subject matter experts who understand Big Data issues.
and how to solve them

Advanced Analytics
High-level capabilities in pattern analysis to forecast, trends, events, and behaviors.
and how to solve them

Machine Learning (ML)
Data-driven recommendations and decisions based on advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Text Mining
Natural Language Processing (NLP) translates unstructured content into valuable structured data suitable for analysis.

Entity Resolution (ER)
Links and resolves mismatched data, particularly useful in the public sector related to health, transportation, finance, and law enforcement.

Analytics Roadmap Consulting
Appraisal and assessment of your analytics program, with recommendations on where to go next.

Predictive Analytics
We use your data and statistical algorithms to identify the likelihood of future trends and behavior.

Business Intelligence (BI)
An analysis of your data to make actionable business decisions.

Social Network Analysis (SNA)
Analyzing the entities and structures within your data and how they connect.

Enterprise Rules Engine (ERE)
Manages decision processes using pre-defined logic
to determine outcomes and stay in compliance.

Store data securely. Look at it differently.
Communicate the story.

Onyx helps you do more with large and disparate data sources. We understand that when data is easy to access, see, and understand, an organization can make more informed decisions for the road ahead. Our powerful visualization solutions showcase emerging relationships, correlations, and patterns – the foundation stones for context, insight, and action. We work with you to create custom, interactive models that interrogate your data and address your organization’s needs.

What is your data telling you?

Custom Analytic Tool Development Custom Analytic Tool Development

When looking for an analytics tool that meets your agency’s needs, off-the-shelf, made-for-everyone solutions may not be the best choice. Onyx develops custom data analytic tools that are best suited to the structure and needs of your department or agency. Our data scientists will work with you throughout the planning, development, and implementation of data analytic tools that meet your current needs and evolve with your agency's needs and changes.

Reporting and Visualizations Reporting and Visualizations

We create reports and dashboards that give organizations the ability to understand and act on complex data, identify trends to make predictions, and pinpoint correlations and dependencies. We also optimize our data analytics tools for better data visualization at different architectural layers, including data sources, data models, dashboards, reports, access controls, etc. We deliver insightful reports that save time and give accurate information for faster decision making, as well as flexible dashboards for desktop and mobile use.

Data Integration and Management Data Integration and Management

We develop tools that help governments manage data through the data lifecycle. Our integration tools combine data from different sources and present them in a consolidated manner. Some of the services we offer to support data integration and management are:

  • Extraction, transformation, and loading of data into a warehouse or database
  • Extracting data and loading it into a big data system
  • Identifying real-time changes in data and applying them in the database
  • Replication of data
  • Data visualization
  • Streaming data integration
Data Warehousing Data Warehousing

Data management and integration are a big part of data warehousing. However, we offer additional data warehousing services such as:

  • Data architecting and modeling is a multidimensional process covering process architecture, data modeling, technological architecture, information architecture, and performance optimization.
  • Data integration to providing a single source of truth for your agency
  • Data governance (data quality, data policies, risk management, and data management)
  • Data warehouse migration
  • Enterprise data management
  • On-demand configurations
  • Data warehouse design and development
Data Discovery Consulting and Management Data Discovery Consulting and Management

Our discovery, consulting, and management services help agencies find data during data-intensive investigations, audits, and litigation. Some of our services in this area include:

  • Identification, collection, and preservation of ESI
  • ESI triage
  • Data mapping
  • Infrastructural evaluation
  • Internal policy overhaul
  • Compliance support
  • Security analysis and evaluation
  • Computer forensic collection and analysis
  • Computer forensic expert witnesses

When an out-of-the-box algorithm just isn’t enough…

We build custom data analytics solutions to address the unique challenges of the Federal government. Our industry-leading software engineers and data scientists collaborate to produce forward-looking predictive models and algorithm ensembles that analyze threats, fraud, waste, risk, and behavior. Experience what it’s like to understand the past and see into the future.

That’s the power of custom Onyx solutions for big data.

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