Naval Sea System Command
NAVSEA engineers, build, buy, and maintain US Navy ships and submarines. They called on Onyx GS to review their documentation process and improve their statistical analysis system. Onyx delivered a roadmap for easier future system upgrades in preparation for a cloud-based infrastructure.
Modernizing Data and Analytic Platforms at TTB
Onyx GS managed and upgraded the existing SAS and Tableau software programs, including monitoring and scheduling of automated jobs, as well as notifying, troubleshooting, and resolving user issues. TTB employs 500 government workers to collect taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.
Department of Defense (DoD) Client
A Defense-related client needed Onyx GS to develop an efficient system to resolve billions of records, as well as effectively use the data to spot criminal activity. Onyx showed how to quickly identify individuals and organizations engaged in illegal or unethical behavior.
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
FinCEN’s mission is to safeguard the US Government financial system from illicit use, and combat money laundering. FinCEN is a bureau of the US Department of the Treasury. They used the Onyx GS entity resolution process to root out fraud and malfeasance, and ultimately catch the bad guys.
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
TTB is a bureau of the US Department of the Treasury. Their role is to regulate and collect taxes on the trade and imports of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms within the United States. TTB needed Onyx GS to review the deluge of data they obtain every day and perform advanced analytics on the data from its users. Onyx created a data cleaning, preparation and mining system that identifies key groups and their interaction within the bureau.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Onyx GS used the latest SAS software to modernize data reports and create improved, insightful analytics. Onyx also employed agile development methodologies to provide Python code to quickly add improved functionality to the SEC portal and expand reporting capabilities.