Modernizing Data and Analytic Platforms at TTB

Modernizing Data and Analytic Platforms at TTB

“Onyx was instrumental to the strategy, design, and development of the analytical platform and framework on the bureau’s data governance. Onyx advanced more complex analytics by providing investigative case support and valuable visualizations and insights to drive performance.”

- Contracting Officer, Federal Government Agency

The roots of The Tobacco, Tax, and Trade Bureau ( date back to the early days of America, when the first federal taxes were levied on distilled spirits in 1791. Since that time, TTB has stayed abreast of a now-$254 billion alcohol industry through modernized services, e-government initiatives, and specialized IT partners like Onyx Government Services.

To keep up with growing government demands, TTB needed a new software platform to better integrate data sources and provide more accurate reporting and more insightful, effective analytic statistics. They turned to Onyx Government Services.

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