Department of Defense (DoD) Client

Onyx works closely with government agencies to resolve real-world entities out of loosely compiled data. A Defense-related client asked for assistance to create a system to resolve billions of records, and streamline efforts of identifying individuals and organizations engaged in illegal activity. This enterprise-level system is designed to meet the demands of analysts seeking to identify criminals and detect their behavior.

  • Criminals use many aspects of the financial system to generate and move money.
  • Most query systems return individual pieces of data from queries, representing a fragmented view of the criminal’s behavior.
  • Analyzing the results are a time consuming activity and prone to error.
  • Build scalable database that absorbs billions of records and ties persons and organizations together based on layers of expert rules.
  • Provide a single and easy-to-use interface that returns dossier-style information replete with downloadable summary information for easy dissemination and report generation.
  • Reduced analyst research time by up to 40%.
  • Simplified the steps of collecting various pieces of information from the platform.
  • Built a consistent and flexible ETL pipeline consolidating different data sources for further analysis. Increased the accuracy of research.
  • Provided entry level analysts a powerful tool that greatly improves performance and reduces risk of error.