Our Enterprise IT solutions integrate multiple facets of your infrastructure to allow the interchange of information between systems and the business units they support. Our solutions help you retrieve and distribute mission-critical data to provide real-time information for decision-making.

“Onyx successfully upgraded SAS and Tableau, as well as upgrading our servers. This was successfully completed despite several difficult circumstances. Onyx’s success demonstrates flexibility, resilience, and the ability to exceed expectations. The Onyx team is considered one of the best contractors the technology division has.”

Contracting Officer, U.S. Federal Government Agency

Enterprise IT

Take operational agility to a
whole new level.

We modernize the capacity and reliability of your technology infrastructure – aligning existing systems and applications, while building or customizing next-generation solutions, to maximize your investment in IT administration, maintenance, and support.

 We know that when something goes wrong with your enterprise technology, business-as-usual grinds to a halt. Onyx keeps you on the path to mission success.

Onyx GS Ensures Your Mission Succeeds

Our Enterprise IT services include:

Systems Administration
Managing your software, hardware, servers, and computer workstations.

Systems Engineering
Designing, integrating, and managing your computer systems over its lifecycle.

Functional Support
Guiding, integrating, and implementing your network and computer systems to support business units. 

Program Management & Control
Managing your program and ensuring regulatory compliance, while improving overall performance.

Business Process Management
Using modeling and methods to analyze, measure, improve, and optimize organizational processes.

IT Strategy Consulting
Experienced public sector IT subject matter experts guide you through the best-case scenarios to improve performance.

Software Deployment, Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
Successful application installation and deployment, including testing, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring.

Implementation & Support
A planned, strategic approach to integrating new or upgraded applications to replace or work alongside legacy systems.

There’s a world of opportunity out there.

Digital technologies are advancing rapidly. Don’t get left behind. We help agencies and organizations create efficiencies, modernize legacy systems and networks, and enhance productivity with the management and execution of enterprise-level IT services.

You expect seamless implementation and support.

We deliver. Onyx combines best-in-class technical expertise with dedicated support professionals to deliver helpful and timely responses to your support emergencies. From the front desk to the field, our singular focus is you.

Whether it’s software deployment, business process management or functional support, experienced Onyx professionals work onsite alongside your staff to manage, implement, recommend, and guide your organization’s performance and ensure success.

Our Government Experience.
We’ve Seen it All.

Onyx Government Services has been providing mission-critical public sector technical assistance for 15 years. Our primary service focus is the Federal government and the US Military.

Our technical experts and certified engineers are adept at understanding federal rules, policies, and requirements.

We can ramp up on short notice to provide you with affordable opensource software applications, along with expert management consultation services and recommendations.

Did You Know?

A recent industry survey found that among government IT leaders who have implemented cloud applications and services, 53% say those uses are governed centrally.

The New Normal: COVID and The Federal Government

The COVID Pandemic has forced agencies and organizations to rapidly readjust to the “new normal” and change their practices, processes, and security measures, while staying engaged with a remote workforce.

Never Left Our Watch

During this difficult period, Onyx has stayed the course, continuing to deliver and protect mission critical systems and data for all our clients.

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