“Onyx was instrumental to the strategy, design, and development of the bureau’s data governance. Onyx advanced more complex analytics by providing investigative case support and valuable visualizations and insights to drive performance and increase our security posture.”

Contracting Officer, U.S. Federal Government Agency

The threat is real.

The threat is real.

Phishing. Ransomware. Malware. Hacking. Data breach. Insider threats. The list of dangerous, costly, and malicious cyber threats seems endless. Is your organization prepared for the cyber threats of tomorrow?

At Onyx Government Services, we understand that enterprise security is critical to your organization’s reputation and success. Business processes, efficiency, and reputation are based on consistent, secure access to cyber systems and sensitive cloud data. Just imagine the disruption a cyberattack might bring.

Onyx keeps you at the forefront of data protection technology and network readiness, so you know what the risks are and can protect your valuable assets from insider and external threats alike.

Cyber Threats and Security Services

Our public-sector focused cyber threat and security services include:

Mission Support
Ensuring your critical mission data is protected from cyberattacks.

High Performance Cloud Solutions (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
Safeguarding your cloud network with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today.

Cyber Security & Computer Network Defense
Robust CND-grade security for military and government computer systems.

Cyber Intelligence
Predictive analysis of current and future cyber threats.

Penetration Testing
Authorized simulated attacks to evaluate the security of your system.

24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC)
Around-the-clock SOC focused on monitoring your networks and rapidly responding to cyber threats.

Surge Support
Technical and professional support during busy or crisis periods.

Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)
Real-time network analysis across your IT infrastructure including servers, network devices, apps, and hosting systems.

Threat Surface Reduction
Protect everything outside the firewall by minimizing the attack surface.

Device Security
Multi-factor authentication, access rights management, firewalls and advanced malware protection.

Identity Management
Provide computer network systems that allow safe access to accounts, multi-factor authentication, and identity verification to prevent unauthorized access.

Regulatory Compliance
Vulnerability risk management to help agencies meet compliance requirements by ensuring our cybersecurity services meet or exceed regulations.

Cybersecurity Assessment
Develop solutions that automatically validate and prioritize security threats.

Experience round-the-clock network and infrastructure protection.

Onyx has extensive experience in the public sector supporting Security Operations Centers (SOC) that can monitor, detect, discourage, and eliminate threats as they emerge – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether the threat is from a state-sponsored bad actor or a malicious insider, our robust, dedicated systems and expert security engineers monitor your entire network to scan for vulnerabilities, trigger an alert, and respond to incidents within minutes.

From customized escalation procedures, to guided remediation, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our Government Experience.
We’ve Seen it All.

Onyx Government Services has been providing mission-critical public sector technical assistance for 15 years. Our primary service focus is the Federal government and the US Military.

Our technical experts and certified engineers are adept at understanding federal rules, policies, and requirements.

We can ramp up on short notice to provide you with affordable opensource software applications, along with expert management consultation services and recommendations.

Did You Know?

“Federal spending shows data encryption (43%), continuous monitoring (39%), multilayered defenses (38%) and identity access management (32%) being the most commonly employed security solutions.”

GovWin Federal Cloud Computing Study (2020 -2022)

Be Proactive.

Cyber threats aren’t just going to go away. Proactive data protection and prevention is the best form of deterrence. Our expert public-sector analysts are standing at the ready to ensure you remain protected, at all times.

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