Ken Jensen

Ken Jensen

Founder & President

Ken Jensen founded Onyx Government Services in 2006, with the intent of creating a customer and employee focused company, servicing the needs of the Federal Government. Since then, Ken has established a company providing leading-edge Solutions for complex data challenges.

Ken Jensen has 31 plus years of experience in Information Technology, Software Development and Systems integration for DoD and the Intel Community. Ken Jensen provides leadership and direction to support to the day-to-day activities of Onyx, and as well as business development support and partnership development.

Prior to founding Onyx, Ken founded another government contracting business, developing and deploying large scale transportation and logistics systems for the Federal Government. After selling that business, Ken used that experience to found and grow Onyx to be a leading-edge data solutions provider.

Ken Jensen is former US Army Signals Intelligence, and has an AS in MIS from Northern Virginia Community College and a Technical Certification in Software Development from University of Southern California – Technical institute.