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Keras: Making Deep Learning More Accessible

by Nate | November 25, 2019

People often mistakenly use deep learning and machine learning as synonyms. Actually, it would be more correct to consider deep learning a subset of machine learning and about as similar to traditional machine learning as a calculator is to a computer.

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The Key Role Humanities Play in Algorithm Development

by Daisy Q. | November 22, 2019

As the field of data sciences progresses and algorithms become more refined, topic modelling practices have become more important. This process involves the grouping of objects based on key attributes so that a computer can easily categorize them. This process involves methods of analysis commonly practiced in fields such as literary studies, meaning that specialists in such fields will be essential in further development of related technologies.

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The Cloud, Business, and the Future

by Stephen P. | November 15, 2019

The cloud is quickly becoming businesses’ preferred method of data management, but it is important to know about where it is going before trusting it fully. In order to best support users, the cloud takes different forms and is continuing to pursue new paths as it evolves. This article by Ronald van Loon is a great resource to learn about the types of cloud and how they might evolve with the aid of artificial intelligence as they are refined.

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Be Aware of the Cyber Security Issues Threatening You

by Nate | November 08, 2019

As we at Onyx know well, the most important factor in building strong digital infrastructure is maintaining impeccable standards for cyber security. While we do our part in our daily operations, it is essential that regular consumers do theirs. We like the way Security provides a detailed look into some of the most troubling cyber security trends affecting all sectors of our society. Read now.

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AI Technology Progresses Too Far for Researchers to Understand

by Nate | November 01, 2019

Onyx knows the growing importance of artificial intelligence technology to our society, and a large part of remaining in-the-know is being aware of the ethical dilemmas it presents. We think this article in Wired does a great job explaining the issues facing AI research as it becomes so complex that not even the scientists developing it are able to fully understand what they are creating, and how this may impact the field moving forward. Enjoy!

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