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Decentralized Data: Just What the Doctored Ordered for Real-Time Warfighter Insights

It’s not hard to figure out: decentralized servers in a network system leads to decentralized data, similar to what refers to as “widely distributed IT environments including on-premises and multi-cloud systems.”

The decentralization principle can be a big plus in real-time decision-making, leading the current Dept. Of Defense (DoD) charge towards edge computing and greater battlefield effectiveness.

The Warfighter Needs Real-time Data Analytics

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Despite Vulnerabilities, OSS in Government’s Here to Stay

A recent article makes a bold declaration, claiming “open-source software has become the foundation of the digital economy … it constitutes 70% - 90% of any given piece of modern software.” 

If you're questioning the credibility of open-source code, look no further. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft all contribute to open-source resources. Google’s DNA is open-source code. Its mobile Android platform was constructed of open-source software (OSS). 

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Zero Trust’ True Effectiveness is Addressing Internal Threats

A recent cybersecurity-related article from makes a great point: “the global pandemic accelerated business, government, and personal activity moving to digital networks, growing the potential attack surface and possible points of entry for cybercriminals. 

Cyberthreats and online attacks grew exponentially when the public sector was forced to conduct more of their business online and reach their now-remote employees over unsecured personal devices outside of traditional network firewall safety. 

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