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Learning to Test Your Code as a Developer

As you progress in your full-stack development journey, it's critical to ensure your code's quality, performance, and reliability. Writing code that works is one thing, but writing code that continues to work as you build and iterate on your projects is a whole different challenge.

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Becoming a Version Control Pro in Full-Stack Development

The ability to handle and manage different versions of your code is an essential skill in full-stack development. As such, learning version control systems (VCS) is a critical part of your journey. VCSs allow developers to keep track of changes, collaborate on projects, and revert back to previous versions of their code.

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Delving into the Back-End in Full-Stack Development

Having tackled the world of front-end development and conquered either React, Angular, or Vue, it's time to move to the next frontier in your full-stack journey: back-end development. Unlike the front-end, which is all about the user experience, the back-end is the server-side of websites.

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