Balancing Analytical Approaches in the Real World

There are a plethora of companies out there competing in the analytics space, and data science is the name of the game. However, there is still a need for decision-centric analytics because without domain and business knowledge to direct the more data-centric analytical approach, the direction and relevance of findings can go astray.  As entrepreneur and data scientist Damian Mingle said, “Data Scientists open the door. However, business leaders have to enter themselves.” Onyx Government Services has experience coordinating data science and machine learning with traditional business intelligence using decision-centric analytics to help provide guidance to a more traditional data-centric approach, allowing our clients enjoy the best of both worlds.

Machine Learning, and data science as a whole, doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When deploying a model, infrastructure and security play just as much importance as however finely tuned a model’s hyperparameters are. For those companies that focus myopically on the particular methods and models of data science, they risk losing sight of the bigger picture. How do we ensure the data science we’re conducting creates value for the business as a whole? How can we productionize machine learning in an integrative way across not just the infrastructure, but the analytics culture of the organization?

What differentiates Onyx from competitors is the breadth of our experience serving agencies across the Federal Government with their analytical, cyber-security, software development, and enterprise IT needs, all of which provide the foundations for an integrative approach to analytics and data science. As purely statistical or machine learning applications have evolved, so too have data warehousing and infrastructure components. Few federal agencies have entirely future-proofed their infrastructure with containerization technologies like Docker, orchestration technologies like Apache Airflow, or provisioning, configuration management, and deployment technologies like Ansible.

The Government Accountability Office releases scorecards for Federal agency’s compliance with the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), and you can see, while agency ratings have increased over the years, there is still room for improvement. Onyx can help you get there. We have experience modernizing IT offerings and modern analytical methodologies at the Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), among others. Our white glove service simply can’t be matched by larger competitors, and our more agile footprint means you’ll receive more rapid responses to your most pressing agency needs.

If you are seeking to modernize your infrastructure while maturating your analytical capabilities, contact us to discuss where and how we could best help you meet your vision. Our approach to conducting analytics puts the client at the center of our efforts. Discover the difference when you select Onyx.

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