Persona Management Ensures Brand Messaging Safeguards Your Reputation

In today’s public sector climate, whether through social media, public affairs, agency announcements, or news reports — misinformation is everywhere. One wrong message can spell disaster: 

  • A national security official, using an online alias, tweeted critical comments about the presidential administration he was a part of. 

  • The British Embassy in Washington DC posted a celebration photo of the 200th anniversary of burning the White House. 

  • A high-level politician shared a smiling, grinning selfie taken at a national memorial service. 

Social awareness and agency visibility are second only to trademarks and intellectual property in proprietary credibility and value.  

Persona Brand Management Protects Your Reputation 

Persona brand management is a critical area of organizational branding that can effectively manage and control your agency’s disseminated messaging and content from multiple sources.

Now Americans are more likely to get news through mobile devices than desktop devices. According to a Pew Research study, “roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults (57%) often get news this way, compared with only 30% who follow news on a desktop or laptop computer.” 

The dissemination of current events can spread rapidly. Only an automated persona management system can rapidly track multiple messages and find misinformation quickly enough to stop its spread. 

The Dept. Of Defense (DoD) recently recognized the importance of controlling the message by creating social media policy for Pentagon employees. 

Read this article about new DoD rules on social media use:

Vigilantly Monitor and Control Brand Messaging 

It’s becoming more and more of a critical organizational tool to control your public persona brand. With the immense reach of social media — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat among others — a government agency can quickly lose control of sensitive information. Online content travels virally and a bad situation can rapidly become worse. 

Knowing where the messaging originates from is an ever-growing field in need of a first-class software application with automated capabilities. A scalable, customized dashboard can be an effective, centralized source of agency information, managing an organization’s multiple personas and the associated “social health” of a public sector organization. 

Many things can lead to constituents not feeling valued or mistreated, including negative statements from accounts associated with public affairs, customer service interactions, and missed requests in response to inquiries. 

Get the Right Word Out 

From responding to customer requests, tackling misinformation, or rebutting negative opinions, a persona management dashboard can quickly and efficiently “get the word out” and counteract any damaging messaging and stop the viral escalation of misinformation.

Using a persona management dashboard, everyone from a single employee to the senior leadership, can be tracked in the process of safeguarding and effectively managing a government organization’s credibility and reputation. 


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