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SSL: Useful Information & Commands

As developers, we know that SSL is quintessential when writing software that communicates securely over networks.  Whether it be publishing or consuming REST services or performing enterprise PKI communication in large organizations, knowledge of this topic is important.  When I reached the point in my career that I needed to understand SSL, I found it challenging, to put it mildly, to find any sort of consolidated compendium on the subject.  More recently developers within Onyx have been coming to me for help on just this topic; hence, this post.

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Where Does the Money Come From When User Data is Harvested?

As Antonio García Martínez writes for Wired, user data is often referred to as the “new oil” due to its immense value in the digital world. Understanding how data becomes valuable is key for our operations at Onyx, and for parsing this metaphor. Read more from this interesting article to see why this characterization is not as apt as it may seem and gain a more nuanced understanding of how your information makes money for tech giants.

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Data Analytics and the Government: What Could Be Gained?

As data analytics abilities become more refined, parties in the public and private sectors alike have much to gain from using such tools. Recent research carried out by Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation explores the benefits of data analytics implementation and reasons for which the field is swiftly becoming a key area of interest and investment for government leaders. Find out more about recent research into the benefits of data analytics.

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