Data Analytics and the Government: What Could Be Gained?

by admin | October 18, 2019

As data analytics abilities become more refined, parties in the public and private sectors alike have much to gain from using such tools. Recent research carried out by Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation explores the benefits of data analytics implementation and reasons for which the field is swiftly becoming a key area of interest and investment for government leaders. Find out more about recent research into the benefits of data analytics.

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Using Blockchain to Ensure Data Integrity for Data Science

by admin | July 30, 2019

Problems with data integrity aren't new. In fact, most sources credit an IBM programmer and instructor from the 1960s with the famous acronym GIGO -- or garbage in, garbage out. Errors or even intentional manipulation of data have always plagued information systems. Even though modern systems may have better features for reducing errors, the very speed data gets generated today multiplies issues. Learn how a relatively new technology, blockchain, can help limit various threats to data integrity in this age of rapid data generation.

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